Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Neat Ending


When Hitler and the Islamic mufti tried to exterminate the Jews in the 40s, the answer they received from the G-d of Israel was, "I will raise these bones from your ovens" and "I will CALL MY PEOPLE to ISRAEL."

When the Arab/Muslims came in 1948 to exterminate the Jews, the G-d of Israel humiliated the Muslims and their Arabian Allah. The tiny band of Jews defeated the Arab/Muslim hordes and the ancient nation of Israel was reconstituted in the eyes of an unbelieving world.

In 1967 the Arab/Muslims came in the name of the Allah of Islam to ANNIHILATE the Jews and the G-d of Israel said, "these people just won't learn, I am going to RETURN JERUSALEM to My people." The Jews thanked the G-d of Israel for returning Jerusalem to the Jews by allowing the enemies of the G-d of the Jews to continue to worship the Arabian Allah of Islam in a mosque on the Temple Mount.

Now in 2010, the Arab Muslims have convinced nearly the entire world that the Jews are unfair and the Jews should leave Jerusalem. The United States has its first Muslim president; a president whose utmost priority is the “final solution” to the “Jewish problem” in the Middle East. The G-d of Israel says to Israel, "I knew this would happen, that is why I didn't make you destroy the high places to the foreign Allah of Islam in 1967. At that time you might have thought you were the victory, but now the whole world is coming against you and you will have to depend on Me."

The G-d of Israel watches as the whole world prepares to make the Jews leave Jerusalem exactly like He wrote through Zechariah twenty-five hundred years ago. The G-d of Israel says "I will do EXACTLY what I said I would do. More than Sixty years ago Hitler and the Islamic/Fascists decreed to KILL every Jew. I said NO. Today they come to take Jerusalem and kill every Jew. I repeat NO."

The armies of those who hate the Jews will come. A world full of Jew haters will come to kill the Jews and take Jerusalem for the Allah who opposes the G-d of the Jews. The Jew haters will die and the G-d of Israel will say, “I told you so, more than twenty-five hundred years ago. You chose not to listen"....... AND the earth will be filled with the Glory of the G-d of Israel.

Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. Ps 121:4

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