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February 2013 |

February 2013 |: "THE KEYS TO PALESTINE

How every Palestinian seems to have a key to a “stolen” home?

Jim Fletcher, a long-time Israel activist, speaker and blogger writes about his views on this issue from Jerusalem:

On a recent rainy outing in Jerusalem’s Old City, I was amused to see a bowl of ancient, rusting keys a shopkeeper was attempting to sell. I bought one. Why did I want a rusting hunk of metal? Because it reminded me of a key plot point in the so-called Palestinian narrative. It goes something like this: A sad Palestinian produces a rusty key and tells his misty-eyed American guest about the family home stolen by the Jews either in 1948 or 1967. The family has no recourse, due of course to the “occupation.”

The oft-told story usually unlocks a room of credibility in the mind of the listener. This kind of heart-tugging yarn is but one propaganda tool the Palestinians are now employing as they seek to win over younger generations of American Evangelicals.
The Evangelicals are only too eager to help them."

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