Monday, December 28, 2015

The Jewish Press » » The United States of Terror

The Jewish Press » » The United States of Terror: " When the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the PLO were found guilty in a New York courtroom earlier this year on 24 accounts related to attacks against American citizens during the second intifada, the US government did not change any of its policies towards either body. Actually, when the PA and PLO were staring down a half-billion dollar appeal bond in the same case, the same State Department argued forcefully for not requiring the Palestinian to put down any money, even though all of the plaintiffs were American citizens in good standing and the jury was unanimous on all counts. Thus, the US has chosen to throw its lot with the terrorists and their enablers. The US might drop a couple of smart bombs on Al-Qaeda or ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but it will come to aid of the PLO and PA, though the latter use American largesse to pay terrorists convicted of murdering and maiming Israeli—and American—citizens. The US transfer of $400 million to the PA every year competes with ISIS oil revenues rumored to approach $1 billion annually."

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